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Went for my first mammogram today, and I don't know why my mom was whining so much. It didn't hurt at all, and the only discomfort was of the yoga variety ("OK, contort yourself into this weird position and then hold really still."). The worst thing about it was that they had a "no deodorant" rule. So I walked there -- about 2 miles -- and was worried about being stinky. But I decided that people could just deal with my odoriferous self until after the exam, at which time I put on deodorant and felt somewhat more socially acceptable.

On my way home, I bought an ice cream cone at Ici. Candied coffee bean and lavender - candied meyer lemon. I took a few bites out of the candied coffee bean and wasn't too impressed (the ice cream was too plain and the coffee beans were too strong), when all of a sudden both scoops leapt off my cone and onto the sidewalk. Wah! Luckily, the bottom scoop -- lavender candied meyer lemon -- wasn't touching the sidewalk at all. So I ruled the candied coffee bean a loss and carefully placed the lavender back onto my cone and walked home enjoying my single scoop. Could have been worse. Like, I could have dropped the ice cream onto my shirt, or onto another person, or whatever. Maybe a nice dog will happen along and enjoy the scoop I lost.

While I was out walking, I was listening to music instead of an audiobook. Sometimes it's more fun to shake my tail feathers than to think about thinky things. I did not scream along with The Beatles' "Revolution" on the corner of College and Claremont, but it was a near thing.

Oh! The book club from meetup.com has had a cancelation, and I can now attend their meeting on 5/13. Guess I'd better start reading the Nick Hornby book they're planning to discuss!

I've been trying not to sleep today. It's hard. It reminds me of when cartoon characters get sleepy and prop their eyelids open with toothpicks.

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