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I have run out of books from the library. I still have audiobooks, but no paper books. I have some requested from the library, but they are still checked out, riding around town in someone else's backpack or sitting unloved on their coffee table. Luckily, I have an entire bookshelf of books I haven't yet read. I'm thinking about Jack Vance's Lyonesse, which Shannon recommended to me ages ago. I certainly need something to read tomorrow, as I expect the weather will be bad and I won't want to wander around town listening to audiobooks.

I've been feeling quite sick today. Lots of nausea, plus some diarrhea. I haven't eaten anything unusual, so I'm mystified. But it has been rather unpleasant. I'm hesitant to go to sleep, because I have sometimes woken feeling much more nauseated plus confused by my sleep-addled brain, which is even worse than feeling sick while understanding what's going on. One time I woke up on an airplane to London to discover that I had become motion sick in my sleep, and I threw up in the aisle. Embarrassing!

Anyway, I suppose I should try to sleep.
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