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Shannon and I went to brunch at Le Bateau Ivre today, where there is never a wait for a table. They have some of the best wheat toast in the world. Yum.

I spent much of the day listening to an audiobook (A Certain Slant of Light) which I liked very much. Then, this evening, I started listening to Where the Red Fern Grows, but I've found the beginning very annoying. It's about this very poor farm family (during the Depression, maybe?), and the 10-year-old son really wants some expensive hound dogs. His parents explain to him that they can't afford these dogs, but he keeps bugging them about it for more than a year, even when he makes his mother cry because she can't get him what he wants. Do most 10 year olds behave this way? I can't imagine myself at 10 continuing to beg my mom for something she couldn't afford. Maybe at 2 ... maybe 3 ... but no older. So I spent the first half hour or so of the book thinking, "This kid should shut up and quit making his parents feel so inadequate." But when I turned the book off to write this, he seemed to have decided that he should stop asking and just save up the money himself. Finally!

While I listened to my iPod all afternoon, Lucy kneaded my chest and dripped kitty snot on me (her nose has been running constantly since the day she entered this house) and occasionally reached out a paw, all claws extended, to pat me on the face. Sheesh. She doesn't do this to Shannon -- only me. Weird.

In the evening, after dinner, I decided to go out for a bit of a walk, since I hadn't stretched my legs much today. I meandered down College Avenue for a while, decided not to stand in the long line at Ici (because none of their flavors excited me), and went to Andronico's instead to buy some marginally-less-expensive ice cream.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dermatologist who insists on seeing me every 6 months to check me for dangerous moles. I'm crossing my fingers that she does not tell me to come back a few days later to have some part of my body removed. That's just never fun.
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