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Had brunch with Lisa today. After brunch at Saul's, we meandered over to the cupcake place (Love at First Bite, in Walnut Square) and ogled the attractively decorated baked goods, but didn't buy any. I was full of feta/mushroom/spinach omelette and wheat toast, and wasn't really hungry for their banana/pineapple/pecan cupcake.

We played some Dominion (she won) and watched some "Babylon 5," then she walked me halfway home (she was going to the downtown BART station, which is pretty much on the way to my house).

Came home, went with Shannon to buy groceries, then sat down and watched the season premiere of the new Doctor Who. I'm not sure about this new Doctor, but that's probably just because I so dearly love David Tennant. (Plus, this new guy's head looks kind of squashed, shaped kind of like a peanut, which I find distracting.) Still, I enjoyed this episode and look forward to more.

I'm currently listening to an audiobook about ghosts. I can't remember the name of the book, but it was highly recommended on Amazon (which is how I find many of the books I read or listen to). Anyway, I think I'll get back to it before I start falling asleep.

Tomorrow, Shannon and I may go out to brunch, but I'm hesitant to torture him with any of my favorite places (long waits for a table), so I'm not sure. We'll see how we feel in the morning.
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