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Got together with Lisa, but felt sick much of the day, and so missed Katherine's birthday party. I'm still not feeling great. Ah well. I do have a call in to my doctor to get a referral to a GI specialist.

Bought groceries with Shannon, but my appetite has been pretty poor. I tried to buy foods that are easy to prepare. Plus I will get some more granola bars from Trader Joe's in a couple days. They make very good snack food.

It turns out that both Katherine and Lisa are going to be out of town on my birthday, so I'm not going to get people together for my 40th. I wasn't planning to invite many people, so missing my two closest friends would be kind of silly. I'll just do something with Shannon, and maybe get together with other folks on another day.

Tomorrow I'm planning to spend much of the day reading on the couch in the living room. If my digestion is cooperative, I'll go for a long walk. And I'll hang out with Shannon, of course. He wants me to give the tv show "Glee" a try, so we'll probably watch the pilot tomorrow.
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