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Another day that started with pouring rain, but cleared up later. Then rained again, then cleared up. I stayed indoors most of the day, but went out for a walk with Shannon after dinner, when the weather was fortuitously dry. He whined about how cold it was, but I was quite comfortable in my flip-flops. I don't mean to imply that I was roaming Berkeley wearing *nothing* but flip-flops, of course. There were some jeans and a t-shirt and even some undergarments also involved.

Definitely having appetite problems today. I think I've eaten enough calories, but I've eaten kind of odd things, just whatever was easy and appealed to me. Bran muffins, granola bars, a frozen burrito, some pizza. I'll try to eat more healthily tomorrow.

I continue reading the Twilight saga. It's like crack. I finished the third book today, and I plan to swing by the library tomorrow to pick up the fourth (and final) book of the series.

It's nice spending more of my time reading and less watching tv, because in the evening Shannon and I curled up in the living room together and read our individual books. I like reading in the same room as someone else ... except when that someone else keeps interrupting my reading. I hate getting to the really heart-wrenching part of a book, tears streaming down my face, and someone interrupts me to tell me something funny that happened today. I get very involved in books when I'm reading, really lose touch with outside reality. This caused many fights with my brother when I was growing up, because he was a very noisy, disruptive child, and I was a very quiet, contemplative child. I would sit down to read, and he would start bouncing a tennis ball off the wall a foot from my head. *thunk* *thunk* *thunk* ARGH! I think that was the only thing I ever really yelled at him about, though: disrupting my reading. Though it was kinda annoying when he flipped the Stratego board in the air, sending little plastic pieces flying, because he hated to lose.

We watched an episode of "The Prisoner" today, and I continue to find it bizarre and sometimes incomprehensible. I can't decide if it's pretentiously artsy and needlessly obscure or if it is genius. I just go with the flow and don't always ask Shannon when something confuses me. Who are those people? Why did they do that? What's with the guy who keeps drinking milk? Why does #2 always sit in that strange, round, uncomfortable-looking chair that looks like it belongs in a kid's room? Why are they inserting all these history lessons into everyone's brains? Didn't he just break that guy's face as if he was made of wax? Then why did the guy look fine the next time we saw him? And was that guy alive or what? In fact, just generally (no pun intended, given that this most recent episode was titled "The General"), what was the whole deal with that guy? And who was the "Professor"? And who was the "General"? And why did someone have a sculpture bust of #6 on a pedestal under a sheet? See ... I think the show would be less fun if I asked every question that occurred to me. So I just let it flow over me, let it sort of percolate in my brain like a painting by Salvador Dali. Like a book by Umberto Eco.

So today I read, and watched some tv, and walked downtown to run some errands, and did some crossword puzzles, and did some laundry, and did some dishes, but did not make the two phone calls I've been putting off. Tomorrow! I will *absolutely* get cracking tomorrow.
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