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Woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain, but by early afternoon the skies were a brilliant blue, framed by puffy white clouds.

I walked to Trader Joe's this afternoon, and my Nano (which holds my audiobooks) was charging, so I took my Shuffle, which only has music on it. Wow ... the walk seems a lot longer when I'm listening to music! Books make the time fly by. But then I've always known I was more of a book gal than a music gal. One of the guys I dated was definitely a music guy, and I found his way of looking at the world to be rather different.

So I was listening to music, and the selection should have been fairly random, but it seemed to all keep coming up They Might Be Giants. I didn't mind.

I am rather embarrassed to admit that I have been utterly seduced by the Twilight saga novels. The whole shebang is a feminist's nightmare, and the writing feels remarkably similar to a lot of fanfic I've read, but at its core it is alluringly similar to some of my favorite fairy tales. I must admit that I occasionally roll my eyes at how totally defenseless (and danger-prone) the heroine is (like accidentally giving herself a paper-cut at her birthday party and sending a whole family of vampires into chaos with the smell of her delicious blood). Anyway, it's ridiculous, but I'm enjoying it. I actually don't find it to be any worse than a lot of the romance novels I used to read, and it's better than most fanfic, so what the hey.

I've been having some appetite problems the last couple days, just not getting hungry, so I bought myself some tempting snack food at Trader Joe's: chocolate chip granola bars, apple-cranberry bran muffins, etc. Mostly I'm just thirsty.

Well, I think I'll go dive into the third Twilight book, Eclipse.
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