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Here comes the rain again, fallin on my head like a memory

A lazy day. I had thought about going to the library, but it's been raining all day, so I've just vegetated instead. Watched an episode of "Human Target" with Shannon at lunch time, but we decided that we were going to stop watching it. My main gripes were the overly dramatic soundtrack and the ridiculous, Hong Kong-style fight scenes and stunts. I like a good Hong Kong flick, but these folks just weren't Jackie Chan. Plus, there's a cheesiness to most Hong Kong flicks that I enjoy for its own sake, but this series tried to have serious scenes mixed in, and it just didn't work for me. I'm not too upset, though, since I really don't need another tv show to watch.

And I *did* find a fabulous new tv show this season: "White Collar." It's way fun, and the sense of humor amuses me. I generally don't like shows that are funny funny -- like LOL funny -- I'm more into the kind of shows that make you smirk at the jokes. So I'm happy to get one good show out of the new season.

Shannon and I have started a new book -- having finished Death Masks (Harry Dresden) yesterday. We're now reading Gene Wolfe's Soldier of the Mist, which is about Latro, a Roman mercenary who is (at least at the start of the book) fighting for the Persians against the Greeks in 479 B.C Due to a battle injury, he has a complicated form of amnesia, resulting in his memory getting wiped every night. The basic concept, of course, makes me think of the film Memento, which I love, though part of the fun of Memento is how the story is told kinda backwards. I'm not sure how Soldier of the Mist is going to develop, but I'm looking forward to it.

I don't remember how the rest of the day passed. I remember cleaning litter boxes, doing crossword puzzles, having a salad for lunch, feeding Cobweb, lying on the couch with Munchkin on my chest, buying myself a new zip-up sweater online (because the one I've been wearing spring and fall for the past several years has become rather unsightly -- all pilled). That took the last of the money I'd gotten for Christmas. Well, except for $2, and I wasn't going to try to find a present for myself for $2. I'll just use it for orange juice or something.

I was thinking maybe brunch at Venus on my birthday, followed by either a hike in Tilden or a bike ride along the water up to the Richmond marina (which is very pretty), stopping at the Point Isabel dog park along the way. And then I remembered that it is quite frequently raining or hailing on my birthday. So I'm going to work on a Plan A and a Plan B.
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