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Went out to brunch at Le Bateau Ivre with Shannon this morning. He knows going out to brunch is one of my favorite things, so he suggested it for Valentine's Day. It was tasty. They have the best wheat toast in the world. I should ask them what kind of bread they use, but they probably make it themselves.

Then we grabbed our bikes, got on BART, and headed out to Contra Costa County. We got on the Iron Horse Trail in Pleasant Hill and rode 20-some miles south to Dublin. It was a great day for bike riding, because it was cool and sunny, with almost no wind. The last time we biked the Iron Horse Trail, we did it in the opposite direction, and I think I liked this even better. The last 5 or 6 miles were all downhill, which was fun. I like downhill at the end of a ride, because I'm usually a little tired by then, so uphill sometimes makes me cranky.

The Iron Horse Trail was *packed* today! So many cyclists and pedestrians! So many kids and old people and dogs! Other bicyclists kept passing us, because I ride pretty slowly, and Shannon was a bit embarrassed (because he rides much faster on his own), but he never acted like it -- he only said so because I asked him, and he was very cool about it.

A few days ago, I had said that I didn't care where we went to dinner tonight. I said, "Valentine's dinner at Taco Bell is okay by me." So Shannon was eager to take me up on it. On our way home from Contra Costa, we swung by the Taco Bell/KFC on Telegraph Avenue and picked up some dinner. Then we biked home in the dark, including a significant stretch of biking on Telegraph itself, which is pretty busy. But I wasn't too stressed about it. There's a bike lane part of the way, anyway.

So we brought our dinner home and watched an episode of "The Prisoner," but I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. Watching "The Prisoner" while very tired is a rather surreal experience. I mean, watching "The Prisoner" while wide awake is also a rather surreal experience, but when you're almost falling asleep it is even more mysterious, because you understand even less. There was something with a weather balloon bouncing along the low waves on the beach, and a very animated female No. 2 who dressed like Peter Pan, and electrodes attached to No. 6's head, and some other guy who No. 6 knew from the outside, and some dead guy on the beach with some photo in his wallet, which No. 6 seemed to find very interesting, and people wearing lots of stripes, and the carnival turned into a trial, but I don't remember much else. I'll have to get Shannon to fill me in.

Then I slept until 9, when Shannon woke me up to watch "The Amazing Race," which was great fun. One of the teams is a couple who met on "Big Brother," and I always liked them, so it's neat to see them again. And they were just as funny.

And now it is only a little after 10, and I am soooo tired. I guess biking 25 miles (or so) takes it out of me!
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