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Ahhhh ... we are home. I love traveling, but I also love being at home. Shannon is aghast that I love airports -- he has difficulty believing this could possibly be true. "Everyone hates airports," quoth he. I like them. They make me happy. There's the organization, signage, and bustle of public transit; there's the excellent people watching; there's the weird stores selling both location-specific and non-location-specific goods; and there's the sense of adventure. Everyone is going somewhere or coming from somewhere ... they have left one reality and ventured into another. And we're all in it together, everyone traveling at the same time. It's like when everyone at Grand Central Station starts waltzing.

I'm a very patient person; I don't mind sitting in a minimalistic chair in a room with a hundred strangers for a couple hours. I don't mind sitting on a plane for 4 or 5 or 12 hours. As long as I can get enough water to drink and there's a nearby bathroom that's occasionally unoccupied, I'm fine. I often sleep on planes, or watch the movies, or listen to my iPod.

Of course, all the security measures make traveling less fun, but -- like I said -- I'm a patient person.

Today I watched the movie on the plane, and it was soooo bad. It was called Love Happens, and I knew it was going to suck when I saw that it starred Jennifer Aniston. It was simplistic, unrealistic, idealistic, and not very romantic, but it still made me cry. I'm a sucker.

Our flight into SFO actually arrived *early*, which was way cool, because it meant we would get home before we were too exhausted. In fact, all four of our flights (SFO to Honolulu, Honolulu to Lihue, Lihue to Honolulu, and Honolulu to SFO) were great. No significant delays, no luggage problems, no annoying fellow passengers. I shall step forward and proclaim honestly that United Airlines has regained some of my respect. Last year they were terrible, but this year I have only good things to report.

So we got home, looking forward to seeing our kitties again, and no one came to meet us at the door. After a certain amount of coaxing, all three cats came downstairs to see us.

1. Cat No. 1 (Cobweb) thinks we should give her some more food. She doesn't seem disturbed at all by our week-long absence and abrupt reappearance.

2. Cat No. 2 (Munchkin) thinks our suitcase is evil, and keeps hissing at it and hiding from us in shadows. "Who are you strange people?" she asks.

3. Cat No. 3 (Lucy) keeps twitching. Mostly her tail, but also kind of her whole butt. It's like she's developed a nervous tic. One hopes she will calm down by the morning. Lucy has always been a bit of a fraidy cat.

Tomorrow, I have therapy in the morning, then lunch (and Shannon wants to go grocery shopping together at lunch time), and then I must finish my proofreading project. Sometime soon, I also need to go up to Trader Joe's to get Cobweb some more wet food. And I need to do some laundry. Oh, yeah, and there's a suitcase to unpack.

Calgon, take me away!


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Feb. 4th, 2010 06:24 am (UTC)
Glad everything about your trip back went well, including amusing antics from the felines. Also glad you're feeling good about getting some alone time (per your more recent post). Space is good. :)
Feb. 5th, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)

I like airports too. Terminal 2 at Changi Airport in Singapore has a Starbucks that's open 24x7 and has comfy chairs, which is handy when you're stuck there in the middle of the night. They even had for sale a confused stuffed bear who was wearing a tiger costume because it's the Year of the Tiger, but he wasn't fooling anyone. Silly bear!

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has the country's second largest train station. Unlike most airport train stations which basically just take you to the city center, you can get a train to pretty much anywhere in Europe from there.

The international terminal at SFO has a wide variety of delicious food that can be eaten without passing through security. Admittedly, it's a bit overpriced, being in an airport.

Portland and Vancouver airports have anti-gouging regulations in place. It's amazing to be able to gas up your rental car 500 feet from the return area and not pay through the nose for the privilege. And the first time I purchased a Biggie soda at Wendy's in the Portland airport and it really cost 99 cents (no tax), I was blown away.

There are of course some terrible airports, such as Frankfurt, and some unimpressive airports, such as Oakland, but in general I think airports are cool.

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