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Kauai 2010

Oops. I didn't get sunscreen on the area between my chest and throat yesterday, and I was wearing a v-neck t-shirt. I've got a bit of sunburn, but not bad.

Yesterday we went to Poipu Beach, which was *packed*! A Sunday with gorgeous weather tends to inspire crowds at the family beaches, I suppose. Shannon and his dad swam, while I listened to Midnight's Children on my iPod (the narrator still hasn't been born, but his mother has been identified) and *baked* in the sun. It was so hot! I was totally sweating. It was unfortunate, because we were going to church afterward and I didn't have a change of clothes.

So then we went to church, where we dropped the FIL off for his Sunday school. We walked to Koloa (about 10 minutes away), where we hung out at a park in the shade and talked. Then we walked back to the church (which is *tiny* and cooled by several electric fans mounted on the walls), where 8 or 9 people (including the pastor) were gathered for a sermon. I'm quite fond of the pastor of the in-laws' church: he's from Texas and has quite an impressive accent, he grew up relatively poor, he's just a year older than me, and he tends to give sermons that focus on applying Christian ideals to real-life situations (rather than just exploring Bible verses). After the sermon, he talked with Shannon and me about the fact that he would like to get a job as a teacher (and preach part-time), and we both told him we thought he would be very good at it. He's a very nice, earnest guy.

Then we went to the grocery store in Koloa, because there is no grocery store at all in Kalaheo, the town outside of which my in-laws live. A town with no grocery store, and miles and miles between towns! Toto, I don't think we're in Berkeley anymore!

I think we came home then, where we had chicken tacos for dinner again (with *fabulous* home-made guacamole, made with avocados from the house garden), and they were very delicious. There was much interesting conversation, and then there were chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies, and then Shannon and I hung out and read some Harry Dresden before I went to bed.

I've been sleeping a lot since we've been here, often taking naps in the afternoon. I think it's because I'm spending all day socializing every day, which wears me out.

Today it looks like we are going to go to the island's only used bookstore (if I've understood correctly), maybe get some shave ice (like a sno-cone, but tastier) at JoJo's Shave Ice, see some waterfalls, watch Shannon get knocked over by waves while trying to boogie-board at Brennecke's Beach (not far from Poipu), and then go out to dinner (since it's our last evening here).

Tomorrow we go home. Shannon says it might be raining, and the temp is apparently around 50 degrees. But it will be great to see the kitties (I had a nightmare about them again last night, which also involved my high school junior year English teacher: Mr. Klevos, oddly enough) and not have to put on sunscreen every day. But, sadly, there are no geckos at home. (Geckos are incredibly cute, but my FIL kills the baby ones by stepping on them, because they are household pests. Poor baby geckos!) On the other hand, there are no squirrels on Kauai (as far as I can tell). Millions of wild chickens, but no squirrels.

Tomorrow will be our day of Pop Tarts-airport-airplane-airport-airplane-airport-BART-walk-home-kitties!


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Feb. 2nd, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
I wanted to go to a used bookstore in Lahaina, but we didn't make it. A thrift store we visited had lots of books but nothing I wanted.

That's a shame that your FIL considers geckos pests - they eat insects and most people are happy to have them around. We got to see one catch a big moth on our last night, while we ate dinner outdoors.

I noticed the lack of squirrels too, not that I missed them. I did miss seeing hawks on telephone poles. Apparently there are some but not as common as around here, which seems surprising because there are so many rodents.
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