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Hung out with Lisa today. Had pumpkin pancakes for brunch, watched some "Babylon 5," watched some "His and Hers Circumstances," played some Dominion (which I lost, though not by as many points as usual). Talked a bunch about this and that.

Lisa gave me some tips to make it more likely that I will win Dominion, but I find that following her advice (and Shannon's) would require me to play in a way that is not as fun for me. (It would be less eventful and more purely strategic. I wouldn't be able to do as much.) So I think I will continue to play the way I like, even if it means I rarely win. For me, winning isn't the point; the point is to enjoy the playing. And right now I really enjoy the playing, even though I don't win.

I only got rained on a tiny bit on my walk to Lisa's house, and it was actually sunny when I was walking home. I seem to have good rain karma. Apparently, the skies opened up and poured on Shannon for a little while on his way to Endgame, which meant he had to walk his bike so he could hold up an umbrella. At the deli at Andronico's this evening we discussed the possibility of bikes with umbrellas attached while the Bicycle Guy was making Shannon's sandwich. I said I was sure that somewhere in Berkeley someone had a bike with an umbrella attached. 'Cause Berkeley's just like that.

Tomorrow is a proofreading day. I would like to get 30 pages done. Plus we need to do some shopping before the trip: snacks for the plane, Nair, etc. Plus we realized that we do not have enough canned food to last Cobweb through our trip, so we'll probably walk back up to Trader Joe's in the evening. Exciting! Maybe this time we won't be in line for half an hour.
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