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I was going to take the bus to the Apple Store in Emeryville last night, but I waited and waited for the bus and it was raining and raining and then I started feeling sick, so I came home with the intention of going today instead.

So this morning I walked down to the Apple Store, which is 3.5 miles from my house (according to Google), listening to The Fourth Hand on my handy dandy iPod Shuffle, since the Nano wasn't working. Google's walking directions left a tiny bit to be desired, because I had some trouble getting across the railroad tracks in Emeryville (the route Google showed me had me crossing a busy bridge that had no sidewalks) and it kept me on very busy roads most of the time (which makes for less-fun walking and an increase in iPod volume), but I got lucky and the rain mostly held off while I was outside.

The woman at the Apple Store's "Genius Bar" was very cool. She had pink and black hair and a lot of tattoos. She couldn't tell me why my iPod stopped working -- she insisted that it wasn't anything I'd done (and therefore not something I could avoid doing in the future) -- but with 15 or 20 minutes of work she was able to get it charging and responding again. Yay! She also gave me a new cable for free (I rolled over the original one with my chair wheels and it got all munched) and said, "It's under warranty." I think I love her.

Then I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (Hawaiian pizza! ham and pineapple! the best!) and then peeked in the bake shop to see if there was anything I wanted to bring home. It was mostly cupcakes and cookies, which aren't my favorites, so I decided to save my money. I like pastry with fruit and/or cream, ideally. Eclairs, strawberry shortcake, raspberry tarts, etc.

On the walk home, it poured rain for a while, but much of the time it was perfectly dry. I'd wisely brought an umbrella with me, so the rain didn't bother me much.

Apparently, raccoons like to eat their prey head-first, so parasites who use raccoons as hosts for part of their life cycle tend to congregate in the brains of raccoon prey. And apparently raccoons are just cute, fluffy, opposable-thumb-having bringers of contagion.

Also note: pigs have lots of parasites, and really yucky ones. That's 'cause they eat shit. Literally.

Also note: parasites can be a cause of racism, as when Mexican immigrants spread pig parasites to Orthodox Jews.

Then this evening Munchkin started making some pretty scary noises. I think it was just a hairball, but man! Sometimes she sounds like she's choking to death! Scary! When Cobweb and Munchkin were babies, I used to put butter on their front paws when they had hairballs, because they would lick off the butter and it would grease their innards. But we don't have any butter in the house right now. I wonder if olive oil would work?

Shannon asked me today if I'm almost done proofing this book. I'm not sure about his definition of "almost done," but I've got about 50 pages left, which is probably about 5 hours' work (including organizational stuff like verifying TOC page numbers, etc.). I don't think that will be a problem.

I hope not, anyway.
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