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Today I discovered that my new iPod, when playing an audiobook, jumps from Chapter IV to Chapter IX. Oops. There must be some way to solve this whole chapter-ordering problem, but I haven't accomplished it yet. I'm mostly waiting to finish with The English Patient, though I have less motivation to do so now that I know even this book's chapters are not in the correct order. Maybe tomorrow night I will investigate further.

Washed my hair today, then walked up to Trader Joe's to buy cat food, orange juice, dishwasher detergent, etc. It was a pleasant walk in the mild weather, but my backpack was soooo heavy on the way home! I kept thinking, "Maybe I should just sit down and take this pack off my back for a few minutes," but instead I kept going. I just wanted to get home.

We're cat sitting Tai Chi (my sister-in-law's cat) right now, and there seems to be much displeasure among the home team. Cobweb and Munchkin have been hissing and hissing and hissing. Poor Tai Chi. He just goes about his business, pretending the crowd is not booing him off the field. Lucy hasn't been hissing -- she just periodically charges at him, stopping short when she's a couple inches away. We had hoped the cats might get along better this time, but clearly they still need some time to adjust.

Tomorrow I'm getting together with Lisa, then Thursday my class meets again. Um ... guess I should get back to that homework!
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