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Jan. 2nd, 2010

Happy palindrome day! 01/02/2010! Two of my friends (Donald and Mary), who had been engaged for several months, decided to elope today because of the date, so they are now married, much to everyone's surprise. I'm happy for them. They'll be celebrating with a big party at some point, and I will be able to hug them both. Thus far, I have only spoken to them on the phone.

I don't understand what all the fuss (negative fuss, that is) was about. I enjoyed the episode, thought it included some interesting continuity (e.g., about the war with the Time Lords), thought it included some interesting relationship developments (e.g., between the Doctor and the Master), and really liked Donna's grandfather. I am sad to see David Tennant go -- the new guy isn't nearly as attractive, though that's not the only reason I'm sad -- but I look forward to seeing what the young new guy brings to the character. I've only watched the show with the two most recent Doctors, mostly with David Tennant, so it'll be a big change for me. I'm glad I watch the show with a big fan, because Shannon explains to me all the history behind everything, who all the characters are, etc. Just like when we watch "Smallville" and he explains all the Superman stuff. I enjoy being in the know.

Apparently Lisa and I had a date for brunch/anime today. I thought we had canceled it. So she called me at 1:30 and was like "Um ... why aren't you here?" Oops! But I had an appointment for the DirecTV guy to come by between noon and 4, so I couldn't go out. We made plans to get together Wednesday, instead, since she doesn't work every day. Convenient!

So the DirecTV guy came by around 3. He seemed very nice and friendly, but he had a very thick African accent, so I couldn't understand much of what he said. He spent a half hour or so banging around in the backyard where our satellite dish is located, then came inside and said we shouldn't have future problems. If we do, we should call him directly. He didn't say if he had discovered the cause of the issues, so I don't know if he actually fixed anything, but we shall see.

Tomorrow my sister-in-law, Melody, will be coming to visit with her boyfriend Jared. They are bringing their cat to our house for a week of cat sitting while they go to Hawaii to visit the parents. We've sat for their cat (Tai Chi) a couple times before, and I think our cats have started getting used to him. I predict hissing and posturing (our cats, not Tai Chi), but I think it will all work itself out. Tai Chi looks almost exactly like Cobweb, so it's always a bit disconcerting when he's here. Only their faces really look different to me.

My new green iPod sits on my desk in front of my computer. I admire it frequently. Yay!

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