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A mellow day. Shannon and I were planning a long bike ride on the other side of the hills, but when we got up he told me that his "magic box" (iPhone) had given him the sad news that rain was expected. Apparently rain is predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday, too. But we'll see.

I listened to the end of Cat's Eye again, and found that the last couple chapters are relatively uneventful. Lots of philosophy/metaphor/imagery ... not much actually happening. No wonder I couldn't remember it.

I then decided to get to work on my new Nano, so I plugged it in to get it charging and started putting a bunch of stuff on it. I loaded it up with John Irving's The Fourth Hand and Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient. I have listened to the beginning of Midnight's Children, but I found I was having trouble keeping the characters straight. (Okay, there's the narrator ... and then there's his grandfather ... but what about his father? And what are all these references to other men with noses like the narrator's? Who are they? Relatives, surely, but who exactly?) I think I will start it over again another time.

The Nano is an adjustment after using the Shuffle for a couple years. For example, I couldn't find the light that would tell me if it was charged ... but that's because the Nano has a screen to give you such information. Much less cryptic. Also, I had some trouble navigating through the menus at first, but I think I've figured it out. I was going to use it for the first time on my walk down to Ilah's house today, but Shannon called me (he was out biking around locally) and suggested that we meet at Ilah's, read some Harry Dresden to Caruso, and then come home together. That sounded good to me, so I biked instead of walking (and therefore did not listen to my iPod).

Ilah's house is still besieged by ants. Caruso seems disturbed by this. But he likes listening to Shannon read out loud.

On the way home, we stopped by the UPS store to discover a huge box of cookies and fudge from my mom. Yay!

Shannon suggested that we bike to Boston Market for dinner tonight. I'm feeling a bit tired, but I love Boston Market, so we will probably go.
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