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In which a hissy fit is thrown

Okay. For reasons too complicated to go into but which involve trying to help a friend who is in a life-threateningly bad situation right now, I'm short on money this week. Instead of my usual $40/week disposable income (which I use for public transit, non-acidic juices, postage, snacks, anything fun, etc.), this week I have only $15.

So today I spent half of my week's money for NOTHING.

Oh, and also spent half of my day for NOTHING.

Oh, and as an added bonus, I got to encounter numerous people who reeked of cigarette smoke, I got to jockey with crowds for a seat on the BART train, and I got to sit around the Apple store for an hour waiting to talk to someone who basically told me to just turn around and go home.

See, my airport card appears to have died. But it's still under warranty. So I took in the airport card to the store where I bought it, but the "genius" at Apple's "Genius Bar" informed me that they wouldn't honor the warranty (i.e., repair or replace the dead airport card) unless they could verify that something was wrong with it. And they didn't have a machine "old" enough to test the card themselves there. Quote: "We don't even sell this card anymore."

So the only way they will honor the warranty is if I haul my whole friggin' computer down to one of their stores so that they can tinker with it and the airport card and the airport card adaptor and who knows what else to their hearts' content before they decide whether they will honor the existing warranty.

No matter how many times I explained that I do not DRIVE, and that my computer is a bit too HEAVY and UNWIELDY (not to mention easily broken) to be hauled around by hand on public transit, this evil woman just said there wasn't anything they could (i.e. WOULD) do unless I brought the whole thing in. No matter how many times I explained that the computer is not the PROBLEM, that I did not buy the computer there, that there is no need to look at the computer, and that the problem is with the AIRPORT CARD which THEY sold me and which is still under WARRANTY, she just shrugged and basically told me to kiss off.

So I spent half my week's money -- and I already had so little that I wasn't going to get to go to Trader Joe's for my bi-weekly $20 juice run -- for NOTHING. I paid half my week's money to breathe second-hand smoke and get treated like a moron.

I hate Apple.

I've been a longtime die-hard Apple fan. But I no longer feel any brand loyalty whatsoever. If I could throw my iMac in the river right now and have it magically replaced by a PC that still had all my programs and documents available, I'd do it.

I want Apple to not only replace my fucking airport card, but also refund me the $6.10 I spent on BART today.



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Nov. 29th, 2004 04:49 pm (UTC)
That totally sucked, talk about bad customer service. You should write to Apple Corp. and tell them about your experience, especially the part where you've now lost all brand loyalty to them. I bet they'd mail you a new airport card and at least a gift certificate for all your trouble. It they're smart they would, anyway.

Nov. 29th, 2004 05:10 pm (UTC)
My sister is very good at "fighting the system". When companies or stores try to pull something like that, she will relentlessly argue and fight and speak with bosses of bosses until things are rectified to her satisfaction. I don't have the energy to do battle as she does.

Part of her fight with Sears is here.

I think a lot of businesses have the "insurance company" mentality these days. Say no! Deny the customer! Only cave in if the customer is willing to put up a fight. Because most people would give up. I hope you are able to get things fixed without you having to haul your computer to the store. Frankly, that's nonsense.

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